Tuesday, December 28, 2010

TUMBs up!

long time no see bloggy.currently,i'm kinda like to hang around with tumbly.sorry for that.but now i'm here logging in,checking you out.but still,i prefer tumbly.sorry for that.you know what,once you logged in the tumbly you won't stop checking out the dashboard because its just full of awesome post.and you wouldn't know if you could hold yourself from keep on pressing the 'reblog' button cause it just effin'ly fun.last week,my friend and i we both were like being possessed by the spirit of tumbly i guess.both of our hands seems like being cuff to the mouse.tap tap tap scroll mouse berbunyi for 3 damn long hours in the jad's study room downstairs.
ok ni sebenarnya nak promote tumblr ni.do check 'em out.hihi