Thursday, March 25, 2010

What a great March.Thank you Allah.

1st March 2010:
I passed both part of JPJ test on my first try.Oh what a relief to me.90 ringgit payments needed for retest were left untouched in my mum's purse.Might be a relief to her
Thanks to cikgu hadi,my process for getting a P license went smoothly.14 Jan 2010,the first time I went to bitara,and March 1,toodles y'all bitarans.yeahaha
And the best part was,gmbr lesen P,my tudung x senget dh macam gmbr IC & lesen L although of all pasport photos I had,I picked my 2007 photo.Yang penting,tudung normal.Yeah!


11th March 2010:
My mum urged me to go to her school first while waiting for 10 come.During that time(8 am to 10 am),I felt like i've been surrounded by my mum's colleagues all the time.I had to endure all of their questions.
"Eh,wafa dop.Tubek result ari ni dop.Dakpe,wafa buleh nye,".Arghhhhh!
I almost burst out with tears of frustration.How am I s'pose to deal with this things.
Thank God,my results was far better from my earlier expectation.Although it's not a straight A's,11 with 2B+ was a great achievement for me.
Thanks ma,aboh.I love you!.

17th March 2010:
While I was at home,my abah kept calling me quite a few times asking bout a 'thing' I wanted for my SPM gift.
And then,when dusk approaching,he's back from work and he handed me a large tote bag.
He bought me a Nikon D3000 18-55 VR KIT.Woah. I thought my wish for a DSLR was really absurd actually.I'm really overwhelmed with excitement by that time,but not just me,my siblings too.Let's share heh.haha.
Terime kaseh,aboh. Ngeeeee

Though the SPM results were already announced,there's many things yet to come.What will be our next path?Are we going to be just like what we'd dreamed of since we were kids?Are there any scholarship waiting for us?Are we able to cope with our sorority/fraternity life? Or are we just gonna take for granted,let God do it all for us,cuz He knows what's best for us?All I can say,IT'S IN OUR HANDS.

*Sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib seseorang itu sehinggalah dia berusaha untuk mengubahnya sendiri*

Like my Along always said,"doa tu senjata mukmin,fa.".Yeah,you're right along.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Buckle up guys cause we're gonna start the journey of our lifetime starting tomorrow(let's say;majority of us) right after we're handed a piece of paper written our own name on it(of course) with a list of subjects including the..scores.

InsyaAllah,everything's gonna be just fine.