Saturday, February 20, 2010

Trick or Treat?

About 2/3 weeks ago,i went to KL.My sis looked really desperate to purchase new books.And then we decided to go to Alamanda's mph.We're hunting in that bookstore for about half an hour if i'm not mistaken.During that time,all of us just like really tickled by greediness which then ended up with;"owoh..nok hok ane eh." XP
It's my sis' treat so i thought i should've choose only one book considering that a book costs around 40.pity her =D

Suddenly,my hand caught a book.Seemed interesting.At the left corner of the front cover,it says;NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE.owh it's' Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief. And then I thought i've heard about this book and i've watched it already at Disney channel.Okay now,that book was out of my booklist.
In the end,i just chose a thin book,err no need to mention la the title,quite embarassing =X
The next day,we're all back to KT(except ika and angah).
I turned on the tv and then there showed a movie trailer(what the . . .). PERCY JACKSON THE LIGHTNING THIEF,COMING TO CINEMA _ FEB 2010.
oh i'm so not in the mood to excited about that movie.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Paramore's new music video from their third single was officially out less than 24 hours ago ; The Only Exception.Nice vid,awesome song,hayley's still cute,simple story but still deep.
But till now,i'm still wondering why're they picked that song for their third single after Ignorance and BBBBrick. If i gotta choose,i prefer more Turn It Off rather than these song.Turn It Off would make more hit i guess.heheh.Or maybe they picked The Only Exception after receiving loads of demand from their fans i think.
Not agree with me,no offense la.haha
To cool ah,thanks for making me constantly stick to paramore at the first place.haha
Go Papparamore! XP

p/s: kul,tote bag ni memang chantek.$15 je,purchase je la.=P

Sunday, February 14, 2010


It's been almost two months since i'd been 'kicked out' of the school and the only solid reason for me to be allowed to go out was;having driving lessons at bitara.darn..

Currently,I'm koyaing with my aboh's phone,writing notes about laluan a b c parking naek buket blablabla,turning the cambridge dict's pages one by one peeping for some catchy new words to be add on my vocab list,reading and throwing some thoughts about the tov english paper my sis have to mark,waiting for the internet to response( bout 3 mins woo,gile..),stretching my eardrums with music,digging my sis' rack searching for any interesting books,forced to hear the vroomvroom sound all day long till midnight ,scolding my bro(he's really pissing me off,you wait la till my hand reach your tohu cheek at high speed),burning some midnite oil(hahah poyo),and last but not least;doing chores(oowh i'm sick of it,who don't?).

And the most awful part of being a penganggur right now was ; had to face the truth that my handwriting was hideous and my brain sometimes unable to determine where's right and left immediately(scolded by the QTI sir for these insanity was totes humiliating,appedaa..)

p/s : nyamok eh..bleh blaa..