Thursday, October 21, 2010

Keep your head held up high

Ok,semester 1's kimatsu shiken (final exam) was over.But still,i cant go home, considering that the possibility to be resit is wayyyyy up high and not to mention,that 'dismissed' dude.urghhh.dude,stop haunting the students here!Its kinda pathetic to be overwhelm by the kalau-tak-lepas-nak-pegi-mana and kesian-kat-family-aku feelings.
Oh my,i need to go home and of course spend my all sort of moments with my family.
And not to forget,i missed Paramore's concert because of that bloodwhoozing kimatsu shiken.darn it.
From now on,i better be prepared for any consequences that might happen.
Stay or not - Doa dan Tawakkal.Ya Allah,bantu kami.