Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hiragana,katakana - done. Current subject - Kanji =O

Hiragana and katakana were done in a week.Its kinda flattering for me to make it both hiragana and katakana just in a short time.Now that I'm able to read those Japanese syllables,so I thought kanji would just be a piece of cake laa.But then wth,in just 2 hours kanji class,we had to memorize about 25 kanji already.Seems like mada,but for me,its not ok.haha.ok then.ganbatte kudasai mina san! yosh!

p/s : I'm really looking forward to go back home.kazoku,neko,gajet.ooooooooooooowhhhhh

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

one week later

aku katakana pon x abis2 agi hafal,kawan melaka aku dh spruh buku practice katakana and hiragana.apelaaaa.
oh cuak..

Friday, June 4, 2010


2 days ago,I got a call from Mara.They're offering me a place in foundation at UTP.They said that it was under Program Ijazah Luar/Dalam Negara.Is it Luar or Dalam?Your voice sounded like you're just whispering la,miss.Anyways,fyi,I rejected the offer instantly,with no hesitation.Considering that I've already got the JAD program,for me there's no need for a long talk with her.OK,thank you thank you.
Lagipon,baik la biasiswa daripada pinjaman kan? :)

p/s :  Tomorrow,my family and I will departed to Shah Alam at 3 o'clock in the morning.Yup,it's 3 AM,no joke. Hopefully we'll arrive safely at unisel before 9.30 am.InsyaAllah