Tuesday, December 28, 2010

TUMBs up!

long time no see bloggy.currently,i'm kinda like to hang around with tumbly.sorry for that.but now i'm here logging in,checking you out.but still,i prefer tumbly.sorry for that.you know what,once you logged in the tumbly you won't stop checking out the dashboard because its just full of awesome post.and you wouldn't know if you could hold yourself from keep on pressing the 'reblog' button cause it just effin'ly fun.last week,my friend and i we both were like being possessed by the spirit of tumbly i guess.both of our hands seems like being cuff to the mouse.tap tap tap scroll mouse berbunyi for 3 damn long hours in the jad's study room downstairs.
ok ni sebenarnya nak promote tumblr ni.do check 'em out.hihi

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Keep your head held up high

Ok,semester 1's kimatsu shiken (final exam) was over.But still,i cant go home, considering that the possibility to be resit is wayyyyy up high and not to mention,that 'dismissed' dude.urghhh.dude,stop haunting the students here!Its kinda pathetic to be overwhelm by the kalau-tak-lepas-nak-pegi-mana and kesian-kat-family-aku feelings.
Oh my,i need to go home and of course spend my all sort of moments with my family.
And not to forget,i missed Paramore's concert because of that bloodwhoozing kimatsu shiken.darn it.
From now on,i better be prepared for any consequences that might happen.
Stay or not - Doa dan Tawakkal.Ya Allah,bantu kami.

Friday, July 30, 2010

The light is what guides you home, the warmth is what keeps you there. ~Ellie Rodriguez

Ok,i'm going home for natsu yasumi.
just for 7 days and then back into the isogashi life of jad.
thanks ika and anyah for last week.and sorry,this weekend,no i-city as planned.

p/s: takziah to my bestest buddy for her loss.be tough ok.i love ya.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The bee is praised.The mosquito is swatted.

ohh i've been here for 6 weeks already.
being busy is a typical thing.
this week,i bought two newspapers,but till now,both or neither of them i read.see,busy is always buzzing here.
kanji bank = 115
physics = toughest subject
everyday is a shukudai-to-be-done day.
oh i'm tired.weekend is like heaven.enjoy it ok.yosh!

p/s : this evening,bon odori. omoshiroi des ne~

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hiragana,katakana - done. Current subject - Kanji =O

Hiragana and katakana were done in a week.Its kinda flattering for me to make it both hiragana and katakana just in a short time.Now that I'm able to read those Japanese syllables,so I thought kanji would just be a piece of cake laa.But then wth,in just 2 hours kanji class,we had to memorize about 25 kanji already.Seems like mada,but for me,its not ok.haha.ok then.ganbatte kudasai mina san! yosh!

p/s : I'm really looking forward to go back home.kazoku,neko,gajet.ooooooooooooowhhhhh

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

one week later

aku katakana pon x abis2 agi hafal,kawan melaka aku dh spruh buku practice katakana and hiragana.apelaaaa.
oh cuak..

Friday, June 4, 2010


2 days ago,I got a call from Mara.They're offering me a place in foundation at UTP.They said that it was under Program Ijazah Luar/Dalam Negara.Is it Luar or Dalam?Your voice sounded like you're just whispering la,miss.Anyways,fyi,I rejected the offer instantly,with no hesitation.Considering that I've already got the JAD program,for me there's no need for a long talk with her.OK,thank you thank you.
Lagipon,baik la biasiswa daripada pinjaman kan? :)

p/s :  Tomorrow,my family and I will departed to Shah Alam at 3 o'clock in the morning.Yup,it's 3 AM,no joke. Hopefully we'll arrive safely at unisel before 9.30 am.InsyaAllah

Friday, May 28, 2010

My 24/5/2010

To those who already knew that the date stated above was my birthday(ok,now ya know it's my birthday,hahaha),please notified yourself that this post is not about me celebrating my birthday with cakes,party,blowing candles and stuffs like that.It's just about that day,that moment,that blablablabla whateva. 

Ok,let's make a list 1 2 3 :

1. I had breakfast with aboh,ma,anyah,and ika at kari asha.My ma,a teacher,took a day off just to cover up the whole day by settling my case.time kaseh ma.ehehe


2. I went to CIMB bank.What a perfect timing,my age cukup-cukup 18,so that means the account was permitted under my name,not my mum's name.get it? mesti tau doh kan.dok payoh terang la eyh.ehehe

3. At first,I was intended to get a medical check up at Dr.Sulaiman's Clinic but then the counter lady said that the whole thing (urine test /u-test,blood pressure,weight,height,x-ray blablabla) cost around RM120 here.wtheck.I thought it was RM50+ only.arghhhh.Looks like the public hospital is better.Indeed..because it'll cost around RM10 laa kot.But I have to wait till 31/5.That's ok,thanks to Lida Clarkson for the quote - "Patience is bitter, but it's fruit is sweet." Wo,sweet?...u-test pon ade tu.hahaha.ok nexxxtttttttt

4. Eat again,I can't call it as 'lunch' bcoz it's still morning la but considering that it's a freakin' dmn hot day,and we're awfully thirsty,let's call it as lunch.(kene buat 'call' ni past tense ke present tense ni,tcer?)

 Perasan.Aku fokus kat bende depan la.

Ooo.Balas dendam ye.

5. Beli barang.

5. "Jom kite pegi Noor Arfa dulu,nok?", "Doh kate nok beli barang?", "Lepah ni ah gi beli kat mydin kole ibai neh?", "Ok..".
Noor Arfa,tengok-tengok baju,kain-kain batik,ikan-ikan.

 Yes,I'm the photographer of the day.Huh!

Heyy kiddy-kiddy..

6. Beli barang for ika and wafa.uia sorang,unisel sorang.

7. It was 2.30 already,time to fetch arif,the only one who still schooling (but ma's morning is still in a hurry,she said that u-turn-ing from arif's ss every weekdays is tot a waste of time.Ways to shemalek is better kan,ma?ehehe).
Where are you arif,dok kluo2 lagi.Ok then,jom pi post office dulu la.

8. Post office,anyah required an express post for her 'him'. XD

9. Back to ss.Arif's class actually ended at 3 pm.Ish.....

10. Abah called ma's phone,he invited us for a real lunch.lunch? or tea break?
Munched,and munched and munched.Ok,my tank was overloaded already.Done.
And then aboh and ma asked me,"nok kek x?","ermm takpe ah.cukup doh ah tu ari ni(tone seorang anak yang baik)".

 Taring oh taring

Woahhh what a tiring day.Thanks to you ma,aboh,anyah,ika,arif for the day.Lesson of the day,a birthday is not just about eating cakes or getting presents,but the most important thing is about sharing our precious time with our beloved persons - Family.In this case,let's not call it 'birthday', 'everyday' would do.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Engine,no more actuary!

Just now,a lady from UNISEL called me.And then she said,
“Awak telah diterima untuk mengikuti program JAD di UNISEL.Nak tak?”
“Eh,of course la nak!”
“Ok.Awak kene daftar di Dewan ApeNtah pada 6 Jun ni.”
“Hohh.”,I replied.
Surat tawaran awak akan terima next week.Tapi sebelum tu saya nak awak confirm kan dulu alamat rumah awak neh”
“Ok.”,I replied again (wehh perlu ke aku tulis aku reply sependek tu?)
Lot 11485 blablablabla…”
“A’ah.Betol la tu.”
“Ok.Terima kasih.”

Alhamdulillah.I’ve been confirmed to be part of JAD programme.But,wait a sec,ape itu JAD?
JAD stands for Japanese Associates Degree.These programme is held under Yayasan Pelajaran Mara(YPM) specialised for creating bunch of skilled engineers.Insyaallah I’ll be one of them!
 I’ll be enduring 3 years lessons on electrical engineering (plus Nihon-go classes) in UNISEL [diploma] and then proceed into one of 20 top universities in Japan for 2 years degree study .InsyaAllah.

Wahhhh.Who would ever thought that I’ll be back to Japan since my first and my last trip there about 3 years ago.Woahhh..
Before this,I had 3 weeks of preparation before I had to leave my family for 2 weeks tour in Japan.But now,I have to experience 3 years of Diploma study in Malaysia and then 2 years in Japan insyaAllah.
Again,woahhhhh,what a coincidence.wohahaha

Nov 2007 :
before I’d to make my decision whether I wanna go to Nihon or not,actually my pertimbangan adalah lebih kepada ; x payoh gi ah,baik holiday je ngan family.pemikiran budok form 3,manje lenje lagi.uhhhh
But shockingly after my Japan trip was over and I safely arrived at Sultan Mahmud’s Airport, after 45 mins flight from KLIA,…I cried like….wth! What a humiliating moment.haha
 with anis,uno &natsu ikeda

At toyohashi zoo.Okaachan....

 Potluck party at Toyokawa.Aku sorang je paka jaket.tu la pakai baju kecik sangat.hishh

*Dear readers,please note that the phone conversation with the unisel lady above was real and yeah,my tone was amazingly cool.No joke.I just don’t know why.haha


*Harap maaf,blog x ter-update mane.aisehhh basse malas.


*Harap maaf lagi,bahase rojak,loghat pon rojak.aisehhh

 Keep on doa' ya!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What a great March.Thank you Allah.

1st March 2010:
I passed both part of JPJ test on my first try.Oh what a relief to me.90 ringgit payments needed for retest were left untouched in my mum's purse.Might be a relief to her too.lol.
Thanks to cikgu hadi,my process for getting a P license went smoothly.14 Jan 2010,the first time I went to bitara,and March 1,toodles y'all bitarans.yeahaha
And the best part was,gmbr lesen P,my tudung x senget dh macam gmbr IC & lesen L although of all pasport photos I had,I picked my 2007 photo.Yang penting,tudung normal.Yeah!


11th March 2010:
My mum urged me to go to her school first while waiting for 10 a.m.to come.During that time(8 am to 10 am),I felt like i've been surrounded by my mum's colleagues all the time.I had to endure all of their questions.
"Eh,wafa dop.Tubek result ari ni dop.Dakpe,wafa buleh nye,".Arghhhhh!
I almost burst out with tears of frustration.How am I s'pose to deal with this things.
Thank God,my results was far better from my earlier expectation.Although it's not a straight A's,11 with 2B+ was a great achievement for me.
Thanks ma,aboh.I love you!.

17th March 2010:
While I was at home,my abah kept calling me quite a few times asking bout a 'thing' I wanted for my SPM gift.
And then,when dusk approaching,he's back from work and he handed me a large tote bag.
He bought me a Nikon D3000 18-55 VR KIT.Woah. I thought my wish for a DSLR was really absurd actually.I'm really overwhelmed with excitement by that time,but not just me,my siblings too.Let's share heh.haha.
Terime kaseh,aboh. Ngeeeee

Though the SPM results were already announced,there's many things yet to come.What will be our next path?Are we going to be just like what we'd dreamed of since we were kids?Are there any scholarship waiting for us?Are we able to cope with our sorority/fraternity life? Or are we just gonna take for granted,let God do it all for us,cuz He knows what's best for us?All I can say,IT'S IN OUR HANDS.

*Sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib seseorang itu sehinggalah dia berusaha untuk mengubahnya sendiri*

Like my Along always said,"doa tu senjata mukmin,fa.".Yeah,you're right along.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Buckle up guys cause we're gonna start the journey of our lifetime starting tomorrow(let's say;majority of us) right after we're handed a piece of paper written our own name on it(of course) with a list of subjects including the..scores.

InsyaAllah,everything's gonna be just fine.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Trick or Treat?

About 2/3 weeks ago,i went to KL.My sis looked really desperate to purchase new books.And then we decided to go to Alamanda's mph.We're hunting in that bookstore for about half an hour if i'm not mistaken.During that time,all of us just like really tickled by greediness which then ended up with;"owoh..nok hok ane eh." XP
It's my sis' treat so i thought i should've choose only one book considering that a book costs around 40.pity her =D

Suddenly,my hand caught a book.Seemed interesting.At the left corner of the front cover,it says;NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE.owh it's' Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief. And then I thought i've heard about this book and i've watched it already at Disney channel.Okay now,that book was out of my booklist.
In the end,i just chose a thin book,err no need to mention la the title,quite embarassing =X
The next day,we're all back to KT(except ika and angah).
I turned on the tv and then there showed a movie trailer(what the . . .). PERCY JACKSON THE LIGHTNING THIEF,COMING TO CINEMA _ FEB 2010.
oh i'm so not in the mood to excited about that movie.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Paramore's new music video from their third single was officially out less than 24 hours ago ; The Only Exception.Nice vid,awesome song,hayley's still cute,simple story but still deep.
But till now,i'm still wondering why're they picked that song for their third single after Ignorance and BBBBrick. If i gotta choose,i prefer more Turn It Off rather than these song.Turn It Off would make more hit i guess.heheh.Or maybe they picked The Only Exception after receiving loads of demand from their fans i think.
Not agree with me,no offense la.haha
To cool ah,thanks for making me constantly stick to paramore at the first place.haha
Go Papparamore! XP

p/s: kul,tote bag ni memang chantek.$15 je,purchase je la.=P

Sunday, February 14, 2010


It's been almost two months since i'd been 'kicked out' of the school and the only solid reason for me to be allowed to go out was;having driving lessons at bitara.darn..

Currently,I'm koyaing with my aboh's phone,writing notes about laluan a b c parking naek buket blablabla,turning the cambridge dict's pages one by one peeping for some catchy new words to be add on my vocab list,reading and throwing some thoughts about the tov english paper my sis have to mark,waiting for the internet to response( bout 3 mins woo,gile..),stretching my eardrums with music,digging my sis' rack searching for any interesting books,forced to hear the vroomvroom sound all day long till midnight ,scolding my bro(he's really pissing me off,you wait la till my hand reach your tohu cheek at high speed),burning some midnite oil(hahah poyo),and last but not least;doing chores(oowh i'm sick of it,who don't?).

And the most awful part of being a penganggur right now was ; had to face the truth that my handwriting was hideous and my brain sometimes unable to determine where's right and left immediately(scolded by the QTI sir for these insanity was totes humiliating,appedaa..)

p/s : nyamok eh..bleh blaa..

Friday, January 29, 2010

'Life in Bitara'...ohoho poyo lak title ni.never mind la..

Recently at bitara,after a class about car theory I attend wrapped up at 5.30 pm,I was waiting for my mom to fetch me up.I sat on a bench beside the cafeteria.At that time,there was 2 old folks and a young woman.
Then,came an old man sat on the other bench.Suddenly he talked(jengjengjeng)
"Mek tunggu sape mek?",he asked.

"TUNGGU VAN AH MAI AMBEK KITE!",an old woman answered passionately.

"Mek mai mane mek eh?",he kept asking.

"BARU SUDOH EH,KEDAI TUTUP DOH,NOK TUNGGU ORANG AH EH!",the old lady replied still with passion and enthusiasm.

"Nok gi mane mek eh?",asked the old man again.

"NOK GI BANDO EH,DUMOH KITE SITU KANG!",she answered,still in her roaring tone.

On the exact moments,I stared at the old man's pupil,he was not looking at you la,makcik.Ohho maybe there's something wrong with his eyes,old man la katekan.My mind thought calmly.
And then..

Coolly,the old man turned his head to look at the makcik and said,"Kite tengoh cakap nge mek ni eh,tanye ye".

Oh,he's actually talking to the young woman right next to me.

"Oh,humm..",the makcik just nodded while muttered to herself.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAAHA,poor you,makcik.You thought the pakcik flirt you eh.ahahahaa.",I laughed at her...eh wait,I laughed slowly la..There's no way laa I'm going to be rude towards these pity makcik.

End of story.The moral is,be more cautious to your surrounding,not self-conscious. =P

p/s: Maaf,jenis tulisan tunggang langgang oleh kerana left click laptop miss farah rosok :(
(Masih menunggu si L)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Something you do that nobody notices until you don't do it : Housework

Why is it must be a typical things for malays to have females to do chores daily.I mean,when those young female who just take a break for a while will be questioning about how lazy they are.This scenario often experience by me and I'm pretty sure several girls out there would agree with it.

I'm always come with thought about why girls who ain't done the housework have to be scolded meanwhile the boys,the one who are actually ruining the house stay silent and just sitback and relax watching tv as though the girls are maids.

Lucky for us now,they're already loads of stuff to ease our burden in handling chores.
I'm glad till now,the 3rd week of being single-handedly at home,my parents still okay with my achievements at home =P

p/s: jemour,jom kuo jln2 rmai.eheh

Saturday, January 9, 2010

When our attitudes outdistance our abilities,even the impossible becomes possible ; John C.Maxwell

I'm currently 'soaking' my head into this book.Still half of the journey though:

Just bought it about a week ago after spending two nerve-wracking weeks of trying to dive myself into my sis' Dan Brown's,John Grisham's,and Chris Cleave's.I just can't.Their skills of writing are too high,tot above my expectations and normal thinking of 'freshman' like me.heheh.Maybe next time lah I'll take a peek at them again.hahah.

Btw,I'm actually waiting for Khalid Hosseini's Kite Runner.My sis' friend borrowed it and never even think for once to return it maybe.
Weh,ak tunggu,cepat la bawok balik.Peace =)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thomas Edison : If we all did the things we are capable of doing,we would literally astound ourselves.

It's been over 2 years since I left my foster family.Shockingly,I'd just received my 3rd new year's greeting card from the Ikeda family.Omg I thought they'd forgot about me.Oh how could I replied their mails just once but at the mean time I received more than that.OK that's it.

Those photos are their mail posted to me,at first I wanna scan them but huhhh the scanner was at my sis'home.Ahh forget it.Just look at below (don't mind the background..hehe) :

This is the newest mail I got from them. 2010 greetings.Got the guts to read it,zoom your lenses :)

Actually I don't know what kind of folding card is this.It shows a sushi shop.Once you open it,the conveyer-like table will spin around serving many kinds of sushi.Creative huh.Plus this card is cute!

The collections of 3 years of new years mail ;2008,2009,2010.This Ikedas is growing up a lot.Miss them all.

Lastly,this is the 2008 card - Mt.Fuji and burung jenjang.Haha donno how the birds are pronounce in eng.haha

Wait okachan,otochan,uno,natsu,towa. I'll reply your mail.Thanks a lot.I do miss ya =)

And thanks for dropping by,guys.Peace!

Monday, January 4, 2010

A good first impression can work wonders

31 Dec 2009,
my family and I went to Gambang in conjunction of my abah's
office family day.We stayed at Bukit Gambang Resort City just for a night.On the evening,we went to B.Gambang WaterPark though we only had around 2 hours bfore the amusement park to stop running for the day.At first I thought tht I could enjoy some rollercoaster ride or any thing like Sunway Lagoon's,but hey if its aer,aer je lah.urghhhhh

Instead of enjoying the water thing,me and my old sis decided to just kept
our clothes dry by just hanging around the place and took care of my familys belongings.

Lucky for my sis,she brought a book to read instead I was just watching
topless people running around the place like a fool doing nothing and regretted for leaving my book in th car.Haishhhh And then I took my sis' hphone and take some pic just fr filling my boredom. By that time,I discovred my skills of capturing some nice shots.ahahaha(syok sendri)

With her 3.2 MP camera phone,I snapped some pic(her pic was th mjority just to make her feeling btter fr me to use her phone...eheheh) Here are some shots of boredom,duhhhh:

Ohoho..she started to njoy me cpturing her own photo and then she said"nice,this pic look nice fr my Fb profile photo o yeahh!"

Her book read 'The bible, the Quran and Science'

Thats me on th left pretending to read with her.woohooh

And then my aunt said"gi ah maen ae sket.amek plmpong cik de eh"

Showing cheerful fces aftr reluctant to leave the land...oh abih basoh..

Thats all from me,hav a great holidy my friends..toodlesssss