Friday, January 29, 2010

'Life in Bitara'...ohoho poyo lak title ni.never mind la..

Recently at bitara,after a class about car theory I attend wrapped up at 5.30 pm,I was waiting for my mom to fetch me up.I sat on a bench beside the cafeteria.At that time,there was 2 old folks and a young woman.
Then,came an old man sat on the other bench.Suddenly he talked(jengjengjeng)
"Mek tunggu sape mek?",he asked.

"TUNGGU VAN AH MAI AMBEK KITE!",an old woman answered passionately.

"Mek mai mane mek eh?",he kept asking.

"BARU SUDOH EH,KEDAI TUTUP DOH,NOK TUNGGU ORANG AH EH!",the old lady replied still with passion and enthusiasm.

"Nok gi mane mek eh?",asked the old man again.

"NOK GI BANDO EH,DUMOH KITE SITU KANG!",she answered,still in her roaring tone.

On the exact moments,I stared at the old man's pupil,he was not looking at you la,makcik.Ohho maybe there's something wrong with his eyes,old man la katekan.My mind thought calmly.
And then..

Coolly,the old man turned his head to look at the makcik and said,"Kite tengoh cakap nge mek ni eh,tanye ye".

Oh,he's actually talking to the young woman right next to me.

"Oh,humm..",the makcik just nodded while muttered to herself.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAAHA,poor you,makcik.You thought the pakcik flirt you eh.ahahahaa.",I laughed at wait,I laughed slowly la..There's no way laa I'm going to be rude towards these pity makcik.

End of story.The moral is,be more cautious to your surrounding,not self-conscious. =P

p/s: Maaf,jenis tulisan tunggang langgang oleh kerana left click laptop miss farah rosok :(
(Masih menunggu si L)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Something you do that nobody notices until you don't do it : Housework

Why is it must be a typical things for malays to have females to do chores daily.I mean,when those young female who just take a break for a while will be questioning about how lazy they are.This scenario often experience by me and I'm pretty sure several girls out there would agree with it.

I'm always come with thought about why girls who ain't done the housework have to be scolded meanwhile the boys,the one who are actually ruining the house stay silent and just sitback and relax watching tv as though the girls are maids.

Lucky for us now,they're already loads of stuff to ease our burden in handling chores.
I'm glad till now,the 3rd week of being single-handedly at home,my parents still okay with my achievements at home =P

p/s: jemour,jom kuo jln2 rmai.eheh

Saturday, January 9, 2010

When our attitudes outdistance our abilities,even the impossible becomes possible ; John C.Maxwell

I'm currently 'soaking' my head into this book.Still half of the journey though:

Just bought it about a week ago after spending two nerve-wracking weeks of trying to dive myself into my sis' Dan Brown's,John Grisham's,and Chris Cleave's.I just can't.Their skills of writing are too high,tot above my expectations and normal thinking of 'freshman' like me.heheh.Maybe next time lah I'll take a peek at them again.hahah.

Btw,I'm actually waiting for Khalid Hosseini's Kite Runner.My sis' friend borrowed it and never even think for once to return it maybe.
Weh,ak tunggu,cepat la bawok balik.Peace =)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thomas Edison : If we all did the things we are capable of doing,we would literally astound ourselves.

It's been over 2 years since I left my foster family.Shockingly,I'd just received my 3rd new year's greeting card from the Ikeda family.Omg I thought they'd forgot about me.Oh how could I replied their mails just once but at the mean time I received more than that.OK that's it.

Those photos are their mail posted to me,at first I wanna scan them but huhhh the scanner was at my sis'home.Ahh forget it.Just look at below (don't mind the background..hehe) :

This is the newest mail I got from them. 2010 greetings.Got the guts to read it,zoom your lenses :)

Actually I don't know what kind of folding card is this.It shows a sushi shop.Once you open it,the conveyer-like table will spin around serving many kinds of sushi.Creative huh.Plus this card is cute!

The collections of 3 years of new years mail ;2008,2009,2010.This Ikedas is growing up a lot.Miss them all.

Lastly,this is the 2008 card - Mt.Fuji and burung jenjang.Haha donno how the birds are pronounce in eng.haha

Wait okachan,otochan,uno,natsu,towa. I'll reply your mail.Thanks a lot.I do miss ya =)

And thanks for dropping by,guys.Peace!

Monday, January 4, 2010

A good first impression can work wonders

31 Dec 2009,
my family and I went to Gambang in conjunction of my abah's
office family day.We stayed at Bukit Gambang Resort City just for a night.On the evening,we went to B.Gambang WaterPark though we only had around 2 hours bfore the amusement park to stop running for the day.At first I thought tht I could enjoy some rollercoaster ride or any thing like Sunway Lagoon's,but hey if its aer,aer je lah.urghhhhh

Instead of enjoying the water thing,me and my old sis decided to just kept
our clothes dry by just hanging around the place and took care of my familys belongings.

Lucky for my sis,she brought a book to read instead I was just watching
topless people running around the place like a fool doing nothing and regretted for leaving my book in th car.Haishhhh And then I took my sis' hphone and take some pic just fr filling my boredom. By that time,I discovred my skills of capturing some nice shots.ahahaha(syok sendri)

With her 3.2 MP camera phone,I snapped some pic(her pic was th mjority just to make her feeling btter fr me to use her phone...eheheh) Here are some shots of boredom,duhhhh:

Ohoho..she started to njoy me cpturing her own photo and then she said"nice,this pic look nice fr my Fb profile photo o yeahh!"

Her book read 'The bible, the Quran and Science'

Thats me on th left pretending to read with her.woohooh

And then my aunt said"gi ah maen ae sket.amek plmpong cik de eh"

Showing cheerful fces aftr reluctant to leave the land...oh abih basoh..

Thats all from me,hav a great holidy my friends..toodlesssss