Friday, May 28, 2010

My 24/5/2010

To those who already knew that the date stated above was my birthday(ok,now ya know it's my birthday,hahaha),please notified yourself that this post is not about me celebrating my birthday with cakes,party,blowing candles and stuffs like that.It's just about that day,that moment,that blablablabla whateva. 

Ok,let's make a list 1 2 3 :

1. I had breakfast with aboh,ma,anyah,and ika at kari asha.My ma,a teacher,took a day off just to cover up the whole day by settling my case.time kaseh ma.ehehe


2. I went to CIMB bank.What a perfect timing,my age cukup-cukup 18,so that means the account was permitted under my name,not my mum's name.get it? mesti tau doh kan.dok payoh terang la eyh.ehehe

3. At first,I was intended to get a medical check up at Dr.Sulaiman's Clinic but then the counter lady said that the whole thing (urine test /u-test,blood pressure,weight,height,x-ray blablabla) cost around RM120 here.wtheck.I thought it was RM50+ only.arghhhh.Looks like the public hospital is better.Indeed..because it'll cost around RM10 laa kot.But I have to wait till 31/5.That's ok,thanks to Lida Clarkson for the quote - "Patience is bitter, but it's fruit is sweet." Wo,sweet?...u-test pon ade tu.hahaha.ok nexxxtttttttt

4. Eat again,I can't call it as 'lunch' bcoz it's still morning la but considering that it's a freakin' dmn hot day,and we're awfully thirsty,let's call it as lunch.(kene buat 'call' ni past tense ke present tense ni,tcer?)

 Perasan.Aku fokus kat bende depan la.

Ooo.Balas dendam ye.

5. Beli barang.

5. "Jom kite pegi Noor Arfa dulu,nok?", "Doh kate nok beli barang?", "Lepah ni ah gi beli kat mydin kole ibai neh?", "Ok..".
Noor Arfa,tengok-tengok baju,kain-kain batik,ikan-ikan.

 Yes,I'm the photographer of the day.Huh!

Heyy kiddy-kiddy..

6. Beli barang for ika and wafa.uia sorang,unisel sorang.

7. It was 2.30 already,time to fetch arif,the only one who still schooling (but ma's morning is still in a hurry,she said that u-turn-ing from arif's ss every weekdays is tot a waste of time.Ways to shemalek is better kan,ma?ehehe).
Where are you arif,dok kluo2 lagi.Ok then,jom pi post office dulu la.

8. Post office,anyah required an express post for her 'him'. XD

9. Back to ss.Arif's class actually ended at 3 pm.Ish.....

10. Abah called ma's phone,he invited us for a real lunch.lunch? or tea break?
Munched,and munched and munched.Ok,my tank was overloaded already.Done.
And then aboh and ma asked me,"nok kek x?","ermm takpe ah.cukup doh ah tu ari ni(tone seorang anak yang baik)".

 Taring oh taring

Woahhh what a tiring day.Thanks to you ma,aboh,anyah,ika,arif for the day.Lesson of the day,a birthday is not just about eating cakes or getting presents,but the most important thing is about sharing our precious time with our beloved persons - Family.In this case,let's not call it 'birthday', 'everyday' would do.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Engine,no more actuary!

Just now,a lady from UNISEL called me.And then she said,
“Awak telah diterima untuk mengikuti program JAD di UNISEL.Nak tak?”
“Eh,of course la nak!”
“Ok.Awak kene daftar di Dewan ApeNtah pada 6 Jun ni.”
“Hohh.”,I replied.
Surat tawaran awak akan terima next week.Tapi sebelum tu saya nak awak confirm kan dulu alamat rumah awak neh”
“Ok.”,I replied again (wehh perlu ke aku tulis aku reply sependek tu?)
Lot 11485 blablablabla…”
“A’ah.Betol la tu.”
“Ok.Terima kasih.”

Alhamdulillah.I’ve been confirmed to be part of JAD programme.But,wait a sec,ape itu JAD?
JAD stands for Japanese Associates Degree.These programme is held under Yayasan Pelajaran Mara(YPM) specialised for creating bunch of skilled engineers.Insyaallah I’ll be one of them!
 I’ll be enduring 3 years lessons on electrical engineering (plus Nihon-go classes) in UNISEL [diploma] and then proceed into one of 20 top universities in Japan for 2 years degree study .InsyaAllah.

Wahhhh.Who would ever thought that I’ll be back to Japan since my first and my last trip there about 3 years ago.Woahhh..
Before this,I had 3 weeks of preparation before I had to leave my family for 2 weeks tour in Japan.But now,I have to experience 3 years of Diploma study in Malaysia and then 2 years in Japan insyaAllah.
Again,woahhhhh,what a coincidence.wohahaha

Nov 2007 :
before I’d to make my decision whether I wanna go to Nihon or not,actually my pertimbangan adalah lebih kepada ; x payoh gi ah,baik holiday je ngan family.pemikiran budok form 3,manje lenje lagi.uhhhh
But shockingly after my Japan trip was over and I safely arrived at Sultan Mahmud’s Airport, after 45 mins flight from KLIA,…I cried like….wth! What a humiliating moment.haha
 with anis,uno &natsu ikeda

At toyohashi zoo.Okaachan....

 Potluck party at Toyokawa.Aku sorang je paka jaket.tu la pakai baju kecik sangat.hishh

*Dear readers,please note that the phone conversation with the unisel lady above was real and yeah,my tone was amazingly cool.No joke.I just don’t know why.haha


*Harap maaf,blog x ter-update mane.aisehhh basse malas.


*Harap maaf lagi,bahase rojak,loghat pon rojak.aisehhh

 Keep on doa' ya!