Sunday, September 25, 2011

Melembutkan jari jemari

Assalamualaikum and hye guys.long time no see.suddenly i got some urge to write again.somehow i feel that i should throw something or anything in my mind somewhere other than my daily-updated tumblr which no one would even bother much to read it other than my own syok-sendiri self.hehe.oh let's start a new thing here.oh btw.about my current no not about my relationship status or somewhat.status of my studies's been quite a tough time to hang on here in JAD.time flies like a wind bro.right now,i am in my most comfort condition at home ; a week holiday before entering the new semester, semester 4.uhhh it's really tough here.i barely can't write right now thinking that there'll be plenty of things to do after this.oh, batch just got juniors this recent August.good luck to them,long way to go,brothers and sisters.i'll be keeping this updated. always *snape's tone. till then. salam

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